Artistic portfolio, audiovisual and music freelance jobs, workshops, publications, press and more.

Portfólio artístico, trabalhos freelance de audiovisual e música, workshops, publicações e mais.



Mariá - main voice recording of "Mariá", a song from “Fim de Feira”, Renato Putini’s debut album. | 2020

Me Diz - latest authoral song released. Link to the music's page with all the audiovisual productions related to it. || 2020

quarentena - second authoral album. Released in August 2019. Link to a page about the album.

Sequoia Standing - an album with artists from all over the world to call attention for the protection of Sequoia's tree in Portland. Idealized by Lisa Schonberg. | 2020

Engenho da Dor - Pandeiro and voice recording of the song "Engenho da Dor" by Josyara at the "48 voices for democracy" project. | 2019

Feat Lumanzin - a playlist at spotify with pretty much every music I've recorded a participation.

UAU Band - Participation as a drummer at the UAU Band concert at Rio de Janeiro. A musical-research project idealized by Lisa Schonberg that studies amazon insects noises. | 2019

Meia Noite em Vênus - sound track for the video with the same name of Maria Olivia Aporia

Sala de Estar | Live Session - "quarentena" album performed with a choir and a guitarrist.

Abdussom | Live Session - covers and authoral songs performed with an acoustic guitar.

On and On & Unstoppable - Lyrics and voice. Invitationd and partinership with Brazsoul. | 2019

abusos - first authoral album released in August 2016.

Fire - Backingvocal for PH Moares at his song "Fire". | 2019

LUZIA - authoral band with Renato Putini, Pedro Lacerda, Helena Cruz and Pedro Ascaleta. | 2017

Amanajé SoundSystem - studio and live backing vocal of Amanajé, a raggar/rap group from BraSil

Colinas - Backing vocal and videoclip direction, shooting and editting for "Colinas" a song by Bacos. | 2018

Zabelinha - Invited to share the interpratation of one of Orquidália's song.


__workshops, lectures and talks__

Experimental Art - Mediator of the talk aExperimental art as an expression at the "15° Semana de Multimeios" | 2020

Abstract animation and GIF art - Invited by Marcus Bastos to share lectures of abstract animation and GIF art for students graduating at Communication and Multimedia at PUC-SP University. | 2020

Multimedia Production - Workshop at Semana da Liberdade Criativa, at UNESP University / Assis - SP, Brazil | 2019

Private Classes - about multimedia creation, glitch art, softwares techiniques and more.

Glitch Art : concept and techniques - workshop for Communication and Multimedia students at PUC-SP during the "semana de multimeios" | 2017

Visual Content - Lecture for students of Colégio Sion at São Paulo/Brazil about visual content creation and organization. | 2015

Being an Independent Artist - lecture about the independent artist routine for open public | 2018

Semana de Multimeios 2021 - Glitch Art worjshop for students of "Communication and Multimedia" bachelor course at PUC-SP


__exhibitions + publications + interviews__

Utsanga.it Two exhibitions at the online italian magazine Ustanga.it: _one series of three image; _a video | 2017

Molotov Não é Bailinho - publication of a 3D scenarios series. Page 23. | 2020

Manifesto Magazine - "_da exposição__da solidão", a poetic text published at Manifesto magazine | 2020

Noize Magazine - Printed magazine. They did a critic about my last album "quarentena" (2019) 

festivau de c4nn3$ - A new cinema festival of Gallery Lona which exhibited "disse maria" videoclip 

Sheet with pretty much every critic and review link about Lumanzin's work.

ArtVeine - Exhibition of "Meia noite em Vênus" partnership with Maria Olivia Aporia | 2020

Homeostasis Lab - Exhibition of "Meia noite em Vênus" partnership with Maria Olivia Aporia | 2020

What about tomorrow? - Online group exhibition promoted by ArtVeine. 2 videos exhibited. "s a c a n a g e m" (2017) and "quarentena" (2019)

Audio e Video  - Interview about history of contemporary art.| 2020

Soho Radio - Interview with Pedro Montenegro on his show BarKino at Soho Radio London| 2021

Virgula - Press release of the video clip of "grito desesperado de mulheres abandonadas" | 2021


_audio + visual_

Piku : Calm Kids - Meditation for kids app. Audio editing and treatment.

"Doce" lyric video - "doce" is an athoral song that belongs to "quarentena" album which I did an abstract animation lyric video as a result of a live performance with the public. | 2020

Sad Croco Tears - subtitles, dubbing, acting and set production of "As tristes lágrimas do Crocodilo", a short movie written and directed by Fernanda Giusfredi. | 2019

Trilheiras - audio company owned by Lumanzin and Elis Menezes with a huge and fancy portfolio.

3D for Alan Ariê - 3D bulding of Alan Ariê's installation.

Inciclo - freelance content for Inciclo, a brand of menstrual products. to create audiovisual material. Everyvideo was made 100% by myself since script, to direction, shooting and editting.

If I knew Then - Recording and video editting of Jordan Sand's live performance of her song "If I knew Then". Recorded at Banff Centre.

Bright Size Life Trio - live session shooting and editting.



Menor Igual a 30 - "Minus Equal 30" was a projects idealized and produced by Lumanzin to give space for professional musicians under 30 in the formal market. The project used to focus on jazz, classical music, choro and samba.

As Mina Tudo - "All the girls" a feminine collective from Brasil with the aim to unite woman in the music industry.